Reforester is a short game for weekly game jam about reforesting a burnt forest and restoring its former colour to it. You find yourself in a forest where you walk up to burnt trees and try to discover their identities by talking to them and also finding clues about the various trees in the forest. All the trees are modelled after real trees from different parts of the world.

The idea for the game came from another game called Senna and the Forest we'd made and released commercially last month which explores the concept of talking to trees and solving puzzles in more depth. 


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Another nice game! Love your visual style. Much like last week, some sound and/or music would really boost the presentation! (Though as it's a weekly game jam entry, I can totally understand not having time for that.)

I know! I keep pushing music to the very end and always run out of time :|

really cute graphics, a nice learning-based game!


Cool little educational-ish game, dig the visuals.

All the trees are fairly straightforward to solve for, but neat proof of concept. 

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Thank you! Wanted to make the puzzle a little more challenging but ran out of time.