Plastic Portals

Plastic portals is a small game for the Weekly Game Jam about the plastics generated in our households and where they end up. The game has two areas a kitchen and the sea. The sea has a few fish swimming in it and a portal hovering over it. The kitchen has a trash can which connects to the portal.

How to play

  • Plastic items are periodically generated in the kitchen and clicking on them throws them in the garbage can. 
  • They are then instantly teleported to the sea where if they land on a fish they kill it. 
  • Killing 5 fish ends the game
  • Try to dispose as many plastic items as possible without killing fish!
  • Let's all try and reduce our plastic consumption!


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Love the visuals. although I think the fish would look a bit better if they weren't as blocky. The placement of the plastic items in the water seems slightly off to me, like it appears a bit behind where the teleporter is.

Agree with Shibey, SFX and music would definitely help sell the game feel more


Thanks for playing the game and the feedback! I'm working on something for this weeks gamejam, but I think I'll take a break next week and fix up this game a little.

Nice little game. I like the visual design. Added some SFX or music would make it even better!

I also appreciate that you're using your game to call attention to an important issue. It's works in it's current state, but with continued development it could have even more impact!

Thank you! Yes I do plan on adding a bit more context and connecting it better with the real world soon. And as you pointed out SFX and music is a must, couldn't find the time before the weekly jam deadline, but it'll be there in the next update!