Kawaii Hero is the adventure of a 5 year old hero who is also easily distracted! Can she complete her quest in five minutes or will she spend all the time playing in this colourful world?


  • Use W,A,S,D to move the character.
  • Pick up all the crystals in the world to win. There are three crystals per island.
  • Ensure Miky's Hunger and Fun bars don't go down to zero by interacting with  objects (apples and cakes, and other interesting objects in the world) .

Made for WeeklyGameJam 113 with the theme 5 Minute Hero.

The characters Mendel and Miky are actually from our upcoming game Mendel's Garden which you can find here.


Music - Happy Arcade Tune by Rezoner under CC-BY 3.0 Attribution License.


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Love the art style! The face animations and the dialog system were really solid.

I think the character was a little too fast. A lot of the time I would run into food/fun objects before I even realized they were there. The timer also seems a bit redundant since you're generally going to lose to hunger or fun before you run out of time.


Thanks! Interacting with food and hunger objects refills those bars but take some time, so you could technically run out of time before getting all the crystals.  But yeah the bars do run out fairly quickly and its a little hard to keep track of them constantly, which is making the timer a little unnecessary now. I'm thinking of extending the game but redoing the gameplay and making it slower, personally I like the feel and the cuteness of it quite a lot, but the gameplay itself doesn't seem to fit well here.

Love it! Your art style continues to be quite charming. The goofy dialogue is fun, and the music and SFX work well.

If I had any tiny nitpick, it's that Miky's face portrait and character model don't seem to entirely match. It didn't bother me that much though, just something I noticed. 

Nice work!


Thank you! And well spotted. I didn't have time to model Miky and her animations so ended up using another model I had lying around  :|